Individual Pet Portraits – Furry Friend Frocks

Individual Pet Portraits

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Have a custom oil portrait created of your favorite photo in your favorite style.

Here’s how it works:

We work with a global network of over 100 artists. Our artists are specialized in a variety of different panting styles from portraiture, to landscape, to abstract and paintings of objects. Rest assured that whatever your art style, we will line up your orders with an artist that is comfortable with your pieces. 
Currently we are only working with oil paints, however we will be introducing watercolor paintings and artists in the near future.  

We have preset sizes. These sizes are based on the most popular customer requests sizes. If you are looking for different sizes, please contact us.

You also have the option having a visual video created for $200.  We will have a videographer film the process of painting your piece from start to finish.

 We will automatically notify you that your painting is complete and send you a photo of the piece. You will, at that moment, have the opportunity to accept the piece and proceed to have it shipped or to request that the artist makes edits to the painting.

Free standard shipping included.