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Zebra Golf Head Cover Fairway Woods

Furry Friend Frocks

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Are you one of those tight wad country club golf course players?  No of course not, if you want to show everyone that you not only love to golf but you also have a sense of humor this is the accessory for you.  This goofy zebra will let everyone know that you can be the life of the party while closing the big deal on the 18th green.

This head cover is made it fit any and all clubs it can go on a driver or a putter it doesn't matter.  This will be a good cover for anything.  

Black and white cover with a goofy look will make sure that it is the best piece on any of your clubs.  You should probably just go ahead and order one for every club to make sure you can show off your personality while you are travelling the fairways.  

Whimsical and practical this baby has it all make sure that you get yours today before it is to late these won't last long.

Model Number: 1043
Material: Carbon Steel
Size: Fits all fairway woods or smaller

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Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.


Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.